Blockchain platform for utility payments, virtual POS and markets

A smart solution for energy supply, trading and billing


Bittwatt it's all about simple solutions that facilitate energy consumption and energy trading
Download the Bittwatt App and make everything easier than before.

Asset transfer

Our mobile App can be used to instantly transfer your utility vouchers and other assets to other Bittwatt users. Blockchain enabled.

Digital Payment Request

Merchants love it and so you will! Our digital payment request works just like a POS and requires just 2 click to enable cash in.

Digital energy exchange

Bittwatt enables utility payments worldwide with energy digital vouchers and even virtual currencies, to any supplier or merchant enrolled on our platform.

24/7 Access

Blockchain runs around the clock and so is Bittwatt and its team. We are here to assist you around the globe!


Bittwatt uses latest tehnology to ensure ultra-secure and fast transactions. Try us on AppStore or GooglePlay.


We designed our application with the most desired facility of a product – stability. Hours of testing go through before any release.

Bittwatt Dashboard

Bittwatt Dashboard is the first trading platform in the world that uses blockchain technology and allows energy trading.

Bittwatt is a platform based on two important components:

  • The energy-based technical component allows you to purchase energy packets in advance, as well as transferring them to other consumers and settling on different vendors.

  • The trade component is made up of several modules that allow you to pay for utilities or various invoices in an easy and easy way, installing a virtual POS for e-wallets, and even selling various products amongst platform users.
Bittwatt platform

Bittwatt App

Bittwatt App

How Instant Payment works

Choose Instant payment to pay your utility, no matter the currency or easily transfer money to friends.

Frequently Asked Question

Beginner's Guide

  1. Login to Bittwatt's offical dashboard website:
  2. Select the Wallet in which you want to deposit. Click the Deposit
  3. Your unique deposit address will be displayed.

    Copy the address and use it as destination address for your transfer.

    How to Deposit to Bittwatt
  4. For fiat wallets, please see How to deposit Fiat.
  1. Login to Bittwatts offical dashboard website:
  2. Select the Wallet from which you want to withdraw. Click the Withdraw tab.

Enter the wallet address in which you want to withdraw the tokens in the Withdraw wallet field. Fill in the amount.


How to Withdraw coins

Transactions on Virtual POS and Instant Payment made between Bittwatt accounts are free of charge.

For withdrawals to other cryto wallets, the fee is 5% from the transfered amount.

Deposits are free of charge (except the bank transfer fees which are supported by the one who deposits).


Bittwatt will start the automatic withdrawal process as soon as you click the Withdrawal Confirmation button in your E-mail account. Unfortunately, there is no way to stop this once initiated. Due to the anonymity of the blockchain, Bittwatt is also unable to locate where your funds have been sent. If you have sent your coins to the wrong address by mistake, please use other means to try and locate and/or contact the recipient of your funds.

Depending on the 2FA settings of your account, a withdrawal operation must be confirmed by Google authenticator, SMS code or Email, or none of these options (although we strongly recommend using at least one of them) in order to get executed. Once it is executed it cannot be reversed so adding a wrong withdrawal address can lead to permanent loss of funds. Unfortunately, there is nothing Bittwatt can do to help you in this case. If you by mistake have been using a wrong/incomplete address of another exchange you need to get in touch with them and ask for help recovering your funds.

Please following below procedures kindly.

  1. Please verify registered email account and ensure it is correct.
  2. Please check spam folder in email system to search the email.
  3. Whitelist Bittwatt email in your email server.

Please add below accounts into your whitelist:

  1. Ensure that email client works normally.
  2. We recomand you to use Gmail or Outlook.

If you sent wrong coins to your Bittwatt coin address:

  1. If you sent wrong tokens to any of your Bittwatt wallet address then most probably those tokens will be lost. Usually we do not provide recovery services but in some cases, we may assist you to this. Please keep in mind that this service is solely at the discretion of Bittwatt team and it might take a long process in order to do it.
  2. Still, if you have deposited wrong token please inform us in a short email to and provide to us the necessary information (token type, address and txid are mandatory).

If you sent your coins to a wrong address, Bittwatt did not receive these coins. And Bittwatt does not know who controls those addresses and have no means of recovering those coins. If you know who that address belongs to, it is recommended that you contact to the owner of the target address to negotiate your coins back.

  1. I made a withdrawal from Bittwatt to another Wallet and I didn't received the funds yet.

If you encounter an issue where your withdrawal is missing, please check the corresponding log in the Withdrawals page in your Wallet first.

Withdrawals missing

Normally, a TxID will be generated within 30 to 60 minutes, indicating that Bittwatt has begun the transfer on the corresponding blockchain. When you see the TxID, please click on "Check" to the right of the TxID to check its status and confirmations on the blockchain. Here are the steps to follow when checking the confirmations:

  • If the blockchain showed that the transaction has not yet been confirmed, please be patient and wait for the confirmation process to complete.
  • If the blockchain showed that the transaction is already confirmed, which means that Bittwatt has transferred coins successfully and cannot do anything to help you. If you still had issues, please negotiate to the owner of destination address.
  • If any a reasonable time a TxID is not shown, please send us a short email to together with a screenshot of your withdrawal log
  1. How do I check the transaction status on the blockchain?

Please check Deposit-did not arrive.

If you try to deposit some tokens from another wallet to Bittwatt and the value has not arrived yet please note that although the transaction might be marked as “completed” or “success” on the outgoing wallet, this does not mean that the transaction has been completed to the receiving address. A completed status might simply mean that the transaction was successfully posted to the blockchain.

Once a transaction is sent in the blockchain, it then must be confirmed and validated, process which can be subject to some delays sometimes depending on how congested the blockchain is.

You can use the transaction ID (TxID) to check the status of the transaction on the blockchain, as following:

  • Bitcoin can be checked on .
  • Ethereum can be checked on .

If the transaction is confirmed by Blockchain but not be credited to your Bittwatt account, please inform us by email by providing the TxID, Blockchain explorer screenshot with the confirmed transaction and eventually a screenshot with your wallet balance. Our team will check it out and reply asap with our feedback.

Login to Bittwatt’s offical dashboard website:

  1. Select the Bittwatt Wallet. Click Deposit.
  2. Deposit BWT to Bittwatt
  3. Open your Ethereum wallet and select withdrawal. Input the Bittwatt address obtained at the second step, the deposit amount and additional information.

Please note that you will need a certain amount of ETH to pay for the gas

Account Access

A: How can I apply for a corporate account?

Steps to complete your corporate account application:

  1. Create an account on
  2. Go to KYC menu under My Account and follow the verification steps.
    • Account verification: verify email and phone by providing them and checking the Validate code After this step will be completed, the verification process will go manually. Our team will provide you with a response in max 24 hours after each step application.
    • Corporate Account Application Q&A
    • Identity verification: in this step you need to provide the data of the user allocated to the Bittwatt account and make proof of its identity:
    • Corporate Account Application Q&A
    • Residence verification: in this step you have to upload a ledgible document proofing the address of the user.
    • Corporate Account Application Q&A
    • Business verification: fill in the company data. Attach the mandatory documents for proofing the company’s registered address, certificate of incorporation and bank account statement.
  3. After the busines verification, check the company data listed under the My Account main menu. Request any adjustsments by sending an email to specifying the Bittwatt account, email used to access the account and information that you want to modify.
  4. For setting up the Company’s commercial name and data which will be used when listed your company within the Bittwatt platform, please fill in the required field within the Commercial

B: Why was my application for a corporate account rejected?

The reason for a corporate account rejection can vary. First of all, please make sure that all mandatory documents were provided (corporate registration ID, utility invoice, bank account statement) and they are all legible.

In any case, the reason for rejection will be comunicated to the email address registered on your Bittwatt account and you can reply with further documents or information, if required, in order to request review.

C: Do all documents need to be submitted in English?

Yes. We do need the English version of submitted documents. Please note, if the certificate of incorporation is in other languages, please provide a translated English version and it must be notarized by local notary office.

All documents provided for the KYC and KYB procedures must be original documents, color-scanned in high resolution with all information visible (a partial scan of a document is not acceptable). Please have into consideration to use only valid documents (no expired IDs or passports) and the provided invoices must be not older than 1 month. If requested, a photo of you holding your ID must be provided in full light with only one person displayed.

  1. Go to
  2. Fill in the required data and click Register account
  3. You will receive a confirmation email from with a confirmation link. Click on the confirmation link.
  4. Login with the provided email address and password
  5. Work through the Verification process to enable all functionalities
  6. We recommend setting up 2 factor authentification, available under My Account
Privacy policy

You can review our privacy policy here:

Two-Factor Authentication

In order to you the GA authentification, follow this steps:

  1. Install “Google Authenticator” app on your Mobile phone.
  2. Check if the time (clock) on your mobile phone (the one running the Google Authenticator app) and the time on the computer used to logging to Bittwatt is synchronized.
  3. Go to the Bittwatt website and enter the right login password and 2FA code.

Bittwatt uses Twilio as SMS gateway provider. Check up here the list of the supported countries:

If you have enabled the SMS code in the 2FA authentication settings, an SMS code will be sent to you in order to confirm several types of transaction.

Assuming you have this set up with the correct phone number and you don’t receive the SMS from us we recommend you check the list of countries in which Twilio works.

  1. If you are in, please check if your phone has good signal or give it a restart if possible. If the SMS is still not received just let us know the problem in a short email sent to with your identification info. We will check it up and come back with a feedback.
  2. If your country is not listed, please use another 2FA method, such as the Google Authenticator or email.
  1. Login to
  2. Click on the My Account menu
  3. Click on the Enable 2FA as seen bellow
  4. How to enable Google 2FA
  5. Set up the QR code authentification using the indicated steps
  6. How to enable Google 2FA
  7. Click Confirm


Bittwatt will never send you emails requesting you private keys/phrases or confirmation of passwords and any other information related to your account. If you have received email with such content, please report them immediatly using our suport page:

When accessing please pay attention to below security rules

  • Make sure you are visiting our official website and the SSL encryption is enabled
  • Do not allow your browser to install plug-ins that claim to be associated with our website
  • Do not make calls to anyone claiming to be a Bittwatt representative. We will always call you, if needed
  • Do not disclose private information (such as passwords, authentification codes or key to anyone, including Bittwatt support)
  • Do not make transfers of any kind of funds to anyone claiming to be member of our team
  • Keep a strong password when accesing your Bittwatt account - use 2FA

The Bittwatt Telegram group is a platform for discussion and there is no official customer support provided in the group.


If you need to contact Bittwatt customer support, please open a () and we will respond as soon as possible.

Remember that we will never ask you to send money to any address for any reason. If someone asks you to do this, they are trying to scam you and they should be ignored. Report these users to an administrator privately. No Telegram administrator will DM first please see chanel rules on pin.

4 security tips listed as blow:

  • DO NOT give your password to anyone!
  • DO NOT call any phone number for someone claiming to be Bittwatt Support
  • DO NOT send any money to anyone claiming to be a member of Bittwatt.
  • Enable Google Two Factor Authentication


Our Bittwatt referral program is build on 5 stages, based on the order of the created account passing the KYC up to the Account verification.

Stage 1: The first 1000 users who bring one referral will benefit from ZERO transaction fees for their entire account lifetime.

Stage 2: he first 10.000 users who gather 3 referrals will have all their transaction fees cut by 75%

Stage 3: The first 50.000 users who gather 5 referrals will have all their transaction fees cut in half

Stage 4: The first 100.000 user who manage to gather 7 referrals will have the fees reduced by 25%

Stage 5: Anyone bringing 10 referrals to the Bittwatt Exchange will have the transaction fees lowered by 10%

Bittwatt is a token used to tokenize energy.

Official BittWatt Telegram group.